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global-services-water-001Calethon Group offers temporary and mobile water treatment systems in configurations to ensure that water supplies remain uninterrupted and unaffected by emergency or other issues that can arise. Calethon`s systems offer a range of treatment options, including clarification, media filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, membrane separation and/or induced air/gas flotation.

Calethon is able to provide either temporary water treatment plants to be installed onsite or mobile solutions usually skid mounted, containerized or/and trailer mounted.

We have a fleet of mobile units configured with a variety of water treatment technologies standing by for emergency deployment. Calethon can put up extensive field experience on the treatment and disposal of human waste. We can offer a range of portable sewage treatment solutions and solutions to be installed on site to be utilised to replace existing sewage treatment plant on a temporary or permanent basis.

Calethon Group is also proud to offer mobile and temporary solutions in the treatment of wet wastes from the oil and mine industry such as waste streams generated by drilling and exploration activities, drilling fluid, cuttings, seawater and the like.


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