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Pictures_from_Site_of_29-Mar-2011_Page_03_Image_0001Calethon group develops a wide range of power generation equipment, materials handling equipment and photovoltaic components. We provide a wide range of gasoline and diesel powered solution from portable generators to industrial, stationary generators and power stations. We specialize in engineering, assembling, installation and commissioning of power stations. We also design and manufacture control panels for both automatic starting of gensets in case of mains failure or parallel gen-sets operation.

Power stations are designed and produced on customer specifications and offered to client on a turnkey base. We will also provide post sale support and maintenance all over the world.

Generating sets can be powered by diesel or gas engines with power ranging from 10 to 2500 KVA. We provide single or parallel synchronize gen-sets controlled by a control panel with automatic transfer switches.

Motor pumps are mostly used on drainages work, hydraulic test of oil-pipes or gas - pipes work and can be can be skid or trailer mounted.

Tower lights are fed by a generating set and have been designed to provide a light source under particular ambient conditions.


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