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modular-building-erection-campCalethon is a world leading  provider of camp solutions  on a turnkey base  catering the needs of the defense sector, international organizations, government agencies, mining and oil industry. 

We support our clients when time is critical and a fast  and reliable  solution is needed.  Calethon team will start by prepare and secure the terrain and then  through its proprietary system will erect  the infrastructure the client needs to carry on the day by day  operations.

We will provide you with levelled ground, access roads, fencing, water and swage system, energy grid and distribution, security and check points. Our camp is specifically designed and tailored to the client need and it comes full loaded with accommodations, recreations, Kitchens and dining  facilities, guardhouses, dormitories, laundries, offices and infirmaries areas. All units and facilities are powered and ready to be connected.

Whether you are in to drill for oil, combat the enemy on hazardous grounds or  simply to bring relief to disaster stuck zones, you can count on  Calethon  organization to  come along on the journey.





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