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modular-building-shelterCalethon produce three-dimensional, modular shelters with steel supporting structure. Units are composed of a pre-painted, galvanized sheet steel framework and self-supporting metal wall panels insulated with rigid PUR foam or rockwool  foam with a concealed-fixing method for good aesthetics.

Panels walls` thickness range from  0.6 and up and they are interchangeable so that doors and windows may be fitted in different positions.

You give  the shelter the design that best  suits you. Modules may be coupled side by side or on top one another up to 4 stories high and can be merged to form a single and larger structure. Modules come with a full range of  internal options (Trims, lighting system, air conditioning system…)  and external accessories, such as corridors, stairs , catwalk, double roof, etc....

Calethon modules are designed to be flat packed for shipment purposes and constructed to be assembled and disassembled for the entire product lifetime cycle. Calethon also manufactures a wide range of  fully welded units to be shipped erected.

All units have a minimum life expectancy of 10 years.  We only use premium material  and we are proud to offer a product that the competition simply cannot match in term of  technology, quality, durability and price.





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